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The Email Account Validation Tool will attempt to discover on it's own if the target domain has any mail delivery abilities based on industry standard protocols and port numbers.Once the Email Account Validation Tool completes this discovery the results will be displayed in a tabbed format grouping the various protocols together.Network operators using DNSSEC-validating resolvers must update their systems with the new KSK to help ensure trouble-free Internet access for users.In either case, it is worth checking and testing systems prior to the KSK rollover to confirm what action will be required.This will need to be wrapped in a try/catch because a failing import will throw an exception.In the catch part of the statement we can pass or fail the test depending on the intended result.This tool allows both technical support and customers the ability to validate their email address and email server settings.

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This came up recently in the core Content Moderation module.

You will then need to add you subscriber class within your module add the namespace added in

will then run an import, imported the updated config.

In October 2017, ICANN is planning to roll, or change, the "top" pair of cryptographic keys used in the DNSSEC protocol, commonly known as the Root Zone KSK (Key Signing Key).

This will be the first time the KSK has been changed since it was initially generated in 2010.

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