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It was originally designed as a literal "face book" where college students could look up each other to match names to faces.

Real ID has huge advantages: You can engage in meaningful financial transactions if your real ID guarantees who you are; "sexybaby69" didn't even have a credit card.

All of a sudden, "sexybaby69" began leaving footprints all over the web for anyone who wanted to follow them.

This change — in terms of web culture — would be a huge historic shift, part of the three-decade arc in online history.Most Anonymous chat rooms are moderated in some way, and people usually get kicked out for spamming or posting nonsense.But it appeared to be flooded with trolls intent on calling them children, "social justice warriors," and, more often than not, homophobic slurs."It's only purpose was to gain attention, which this Operation needs. the Beemsee and their cohorts say in their statement that people should try and capture "the darker nature of Trump's supporters" and post it on social media sites with hashtags like #Op Trump and #Trump2016. In a competing statement, the hacker wrote that they moved to a "far more organized channel, which has already seen unsurprisingly large amounts of success." That channel is #Op Trump2016, but it was unclear exactly what that success boiled down to.When Tech Insider viewed the #Op Trump2016 chat room on Friday, it was an unorganized mess.

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