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Order of Sale: Smalls/tools, shop items, tractor/forklift/boat Terms & Conditions: Cash or Cheque with proper I. Auctioneers: Kevin Mc Arthur (519) 942-0264 Scott Bessey (519) 843-5083 Arthur - full listing & photos SHOTGUNS, RIFLES, MUSKETS, CROSSBOWS, PELLET GUNS will be sold as cataloged lots. Each lot has an identification card with all the details. OTHER: Mec 12GA reloader; meat smoker; tents; sleeping bags; multi hard and soft gun cases; collectible decoys; military clothing; camo clothing; blinds; lanterns; repro firearms; samurai sword; etched paddles; 4x Bushnell field glasses; 16’ cedar lined canoe, new; SW knife w/sheath, box; WW1 bayonet w/sheath; Crocodile Bowie knife w/sheath; game camera w/manual, sim cards; Uniden & Cobra radios; TERMS: Cash, cheque, debit, visa, MC. Sale day will feature a wide variety of rare & common ammunition. Call committee for more info: Ken Furlong 519-379-0205 Bob Stanners 519-588-1897 Mark Bewick 519-848-6457 Jim Sloan 519-507-2031 Mark Culp 519-588-0586 Jason Heimpel 519-292-6808 Auction Service By: Hei View Auctions AUGUST MEGA MULTI CONSIGNOR AUCTION #1 SUN. Amazing caves Tour the amazing Wellington Caves, where prehistoric megafauna and a giant stalagmite were discovered.From the arrival of the British in the Arras sector in March 1916 New Zealand Tunneling Companies dug a network of tunnels in the ground underneath the Ronville and Saint-Saveur districts of Arras.They dug new tunnels and rooms and joined them up with the existing ancient tunnels and quarries or pits already under the city, quarried out hundreds of years before.He was upset by the sight of battle carnage and never glorified warfare, putting him in line perhaps with a more modern mindset.Though he always demanded obedience, in person Wellington was reserved, raising his voice only at officers he considered pampered.

Accommodation in the underground city was available for the soldiers to live and sleep in, and there was a large hospital for treating the wounded in a labyrinth of rooms with enough space to fit 700 beds and operating theatres.

Just don't feel the need to get a pint in each one.

Though he rarely showed emotion, Wellington cried when he read the list of dead after Waterloo and he would always avoid unnecessary bloodshed.

Enjoy a cool drink in the 1841-built Lion of Waterloo, a picnic in splendid gardens and bushwalking at Mount Arthur. With spectacular caves, colonial heritage, tranquil gardens and a beautiful lake, Wellington is perfect for explorers and adventurers of all ages.

At the junction of the meandering Macquarie and Bell rivers in the Great Western Plains region, the town is 45 minutes’ drive southeast of Dubbo.

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