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To take one small but telling example, the bulk spice section did not merely include organic cayenne powder (which would be expected); it contained two different varieties thereof, differing by a factor of three in how hot they are: For another example from that same section, green cardamom was available in three forms: pods, seeds, or powder.(I’m skeptical of pre-ground spices, but this had a good, fresh aroma.)When I left the store, for some reason I turned and looked back at it, which allowed me to spot a sign that I had overlooked on my way in.

The first piece in that puzzle, the property’s new bingo room, will be unveiled Friday, April 28 with a champagne toast and bingo games to break in the new space.At the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse, the first thing you will notice is the mesmerizing bluffs.Then you will see the historic light station, dating back to 1909.You will be able to notice that it has been kept immaculate and restored when needed.Once you park, you will have a few options to choose from on where to start.

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