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= 249) of ethnically and economically diverse adults 50 years and older was selected from 14 organizations in rural and urban settings in California.

They were surveyed to determine their interest in participating in HIV/AIDS education prevention programs.

A majority of participants reported interest in an HIV/AIDS prevention program for older people, with female respondents more likely to attend than male respondents.

Participants who were moderately or very religious were also more likely to attend.

Note: No Brown Bag Bingo will be held in July 2017. This Bingo held the 4th Tuesday of the month from a.m. Lunch: Everyone brings their own sack lunch/drink/snack.

Sexuality is a fundamental part of humanity at any age.

Jonah Goldberg, a senior editor for the conservative magazine National Review who is seen as one of the conservative leaders in post-modern politics, said the move to include Yiannopoulos as the keynote speaker is “sad and disappointing.” Still, ACU chairman Matt Schlapp defended the decision in comments to the Hollywood Reporter, which broke the story about Yiannopoulos.

Tuesdays 1-pm RX Magnolia 129 Free SENIOR SIZZLE with Cynthia Harper Learn to exercise through dance movements and have a great time! YOGA with Perdita Chan-Rouse This class offers gentle yoga, stretching, toning, loosening, deep breathing, relaxation and meditation designed for persons 55 years and older.Group usually arrives early to walk (warm-up) before class starts and some walk after class as well. Please purchase card at Parks Administration Office prior to class start time. to have your card punched by Instructor; participants will also need to sign-in each day at table provided in the gym before participanting in class. Chair Yoga is ideal for those who do not want to, or are unable to, get down on the floor.Using a chair for support helps participants to perform the balancing poses and breathing/flexibility exercises with confidence, as well as, comfort. Class sessions/time: Monday's and Friday's ~ - a.m.ORLANDO, FL - JUNE 15: Milo Yiannopoulos, a conservative columnist and internet personality, holds a press conference down the street from the Pulse Nightclub, June 15, 2016 in Orlando, Florida.Yiannopoulos was briefly banned from Twitter on Wednesday.

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